[KJOM] THOC5의 분열효모 이종상동체가 생장 및 mRNA export에 미치는 영향

THO/TREX complex plays an important role in transcriptional elongation, mRNA processing, nuclear RNA export, and genome stability. A fission yeast, Schizosaccharomyces pombe, SPBC577.04 gene encoding the ortholog of THOC5, a component of THO/TREX complex, was identified and characterized. The S. pombe thoc5 (spthoc5) is not essential for both growth and mRNA export, but deletion of the spthoc5 gene caused growth defect and slight accumulation of poly(A)+ RNA in the nucleus. And the functional spThoc5-GFP protein is localized mainly in the nucleus. Co-immunoprecipitation analysis showed that the Hpr1(THOC1) protein, an evolutionally well-conserved component of THO/TREX complex, interacted with spThoc5 as well as Tho2(THOC2), another subunit of THO complex. These results suggest that S. pombe Thoc5 as a component of THO/TREX complex is also involved in mRNA export from the nucleus.