Our Credo

We stand firm in the conviction that it is our mission to contribute to the improvement of human health by utilizing our talents and capabilities for microbiome research and development. We will not be satisfied with merely being a successful business enterprise, but with achieving a high level of microbiome research and development in order to be well respected in the medical community and pharmaceutical industry.

We endeavor to maximize the profits of our clients and partners. We believe that when their wealth is increased, we benefit as well. We assure that through the use of our products and services, our clients and partners will be able to increase the value of their own businesses. This will create a virtuous cycle, which is the ideal way to maximize our own value.

Our staff strives to create and maintain a happy and enjoyable work environment. We wish to provide opportunities for our members to develop their potential and achieve self-actualization. We want our members to feel a well-deserved sense of pride in their company. We wish for our members to increase their self-esteem and self-confidence through their work with our enterprise. We make best efforts for open-door communication, horizontally and vertically, within our organization.

We want to raise leaders who can contribute to society. We will provide the means by which they can do so, by providing a career path along which they can develop and enhance leadership, teamwork, research skills and business skills. We want our members to feel free to conceive of and manifest their own career visions.

As members of the community, we want to contribute to society’s well-being. We want to assist the marginalized members of our society. We always have an interest in our society members and contribute to society’s well-being and development, within our capabilities.

We recognize our responsibility to our investors. We appreciate that they trust in our capability and our business model. We greatly appreciate their faith in us and we wish to benefit them with greater profits. We make efforts towards sustainable growth and create value.