Our platform – GNOCLETM

Genome and Company aims to develop pharmabiotics in the foundation of strong partnerships with multiple hospitals and clinical laboratories to collect clinical information as well as valuable specimens (e.g. stools, skin tissues, blood samples, and tumor tissues). In particular, fresh stools and skin tissues are the major source of our microbiome libraries.

Stage 1

Establishment of clinical database

We continue to build a clinical database and microbiome library through collaborating with our clinical network. Up to 8,200 clinical samples of 6 cancer types and 6 other diseases are characterized in our database. Our strain management system is at the level of pharmaceutical GMP levels.

Stage 2

Finding the ‘lead’

Our microbiome ‘lead’ is identified through our ‘2-step Mining Factory’, which is one of the core strengths of our platform. The ‘2-step Mining Factory’ combines metagenome and metabolome in silico pharmabiotics discovery with proof-of-concept (PoC) experiments. In turn, it enables a speedy discovery of bacterial strains with high potential for development as pharmaceuticals.

Stage 3

Pre-clinical study

Our final stage aims to discover the final drug candidate for manufacturing process development & pharmaceutical production. We majorly focus on 6 cancer types (lung, colon, pancreatic, breast, esophageal and liver) and 6 other diseases (dementia, diabetes, kidney disease, infertility, acne and atopic diseases). Through confirming the Mechanism of Action (MoA) and pharmacokinetics and toxicity, the most adequate strain is selected from our library which goes through the pre-clinical testing.